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Neck Surgery Specialist

Texas Brain & Spine Center

Neurosurgeon located in Webster, TX & Lake Jackson, TX

As an experienced neurosurgeon, James Gregory Bonnen, MD, uses the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgery to treat chronic neck pain. At Texas Brain & Spine Center, with offices in Lake Jackson and Webster, Texas, Dr. Bonnen treats herniated discs, fractures, and other causes of neck pain to help you find long-term relief. The team also focuses on improving your overall cervical spine health. If you’re limited by chronic neck pain, find out if neck surgery is right for you by calling Texas Brain & Spine Center today or by requesting an appointment online.

Neck Surgery Q & A

Why do I need neck surgery?

Neck surgery may be a treatment option when you have chronic pain from an injury or an underlying medical condition that affects your neck or cervical spine.

You may be a candidate for neck surgery if you have conditions like:

  • Fracture
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease

You may also benefit from neck surgery due to vertebral damage in your neck from osteoporosis.

What’s involved in neck surgery?

Treating conditions that affect the discs in your cervical spine often requires a procedure known as an anterior cervical discectomy. This minimally invasive procedure uses incisions in the front of your neck to remove damaged discs and relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves. This can provide you with significant relief of chronic pain and inflammation.

In some cases, Dr. Bonnen combines a discectomy with fusion surgery. During a fusion, Dr. Bonnen permanently joins two or more of your vertebrae together to provide your spine with better support and increased stability.

Because Dr. Bonnen uses the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, you can expect to heal faster after surgery than with open surgery. You may need to participate in physical therapy after your procedure to strengthen the muscles that support your spine and learn how to increase your range of motion after a spinal fusion.

Following your procedure, the Texas Brain & Spine Center team provides you with guidelines for your recovery and medications to control post-surgery pain.

Am I a good candidate for neck surgery?

Neck surgery is typically a treatment option when medications and other conservative therapies aren’t enough to relieve chronic pain and disability.

Dr. Bonnen reviews your personal and family medical history to ensure you’re healthy enough for surgery and can tolerate anesthesia. He discusses what to expect during your surgery, including how much time you’ll need to recover fully. You may need to arrange for help at home for the first few days of your recovery and may need to limit your activities for several months after your procedure.

Find out if you’re a candidate for neck surgery by scheduling a consultation at the Texas Brain & Spine Center nearest you today or by requesting an appointment online.